In the wake of a personal tragedy a young woman retreats to an empty mountain village – only to find that she is not alone. In this unsettling ghost story the expansive landscape is as much a character as the two women who explore it.

The Basics

  • Genre – Life Story
  • Region – Australia
  • Type – Short Film
  • Team – Details Below
  • Our Role – Contributor
  • Release Date – February 2016

Characters and Cast

#1 Aoife (Character) – Reeling from the death of her closest friend, Aoife does what she has always done: retreats. The person who brought out the best in her is gone, and where does that leave her? Curious, methodical and honest to a fault, Aoife finds it hard to allow herself to be vulnerable and let others in.

Played by Tatiana Kotsimbos. Tatiana Kotsimbos has appeared in various stage and screen productions, most recently at The University of Melbourne where she is completing a Bachelor of Arts. She loves the outdoors and is very excited to be working on such a unique film.

#2 Sora – She was an earth girl, airy, a solitary character who enjoyed being alone in the world. In many ways, she is a kindred spirit to Aoife. She had no real connections, so no one ever noticed she was gone, and no one has ever laid her to rest. She is lonely now; a waif, and friendly, if unsettling. She would like very much to rest.

Played by Emi Canavan. Emi Canavan is a Japanese actor who trained in the US and now calls Melbourne home. She has appeared in many films including the award winning short film “Talk To Me.” She also performed in the musicals “Avenue Q” and “Miss Saigon” in Victoria, Australia. She is currently featured in a national TV commercial. Her versatile performance transcends both stage and screen.


  • Writer/Director: Alex Mullarky
  • Producer: Kate MacKeith
  • Director of Photography: Felicia Smith
  • Sound Recordist: Joshua Caverson
  • Gaffer: Annika Brooker
  • Production Assistant: Lachlan Robertson, Meegan May
  • Composer: Emily McKelvie

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