Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (aka The Unthinkable)


DEN BLOMSTERTID NU KOMMER (aka THE UNTHINKABLE) is a feature length, thrilling drama about a mysterious attack against Sweden. Experience a disaster through the eyes of ordinary people: When the unthinkable happens, what choices would you regret? How far would you be willing to go to make things right?

The Story

Alex and Anna, 16 years old, meets and falls in love. But when Alex family collapses the young couple are forced to go their separate ways. Twelve years later, Sweden is attacked by an unknown enemy and Alex and Anna’s paths cross once again. While the world around them falls apart, old feelings arise and Alex must fight to regain the love of his life.

The Plan

Post production will begin around August 2016. There will be a lot of visual effects to create, and a large amount of work to be done in editing, sound and music. The movie is scheduled to première in cinemas in fall 2017, and thereafter to be released on blu-ray and streaming services.

The Basics

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Region – Sweden
  • Type – Feature Film
  • Team – Details Below
  • Our Role – Contributor
  • Release Date – 2017

Crazy Pictures: Director, producer, DoP, VFX, set design, editing, sound design and music.

The Unthinkable - Behind The Scenes - 3


  • Attribute maker: Tobias Rubom
  • Make up: Robin Karlsson
  • B-photo: Johan Henriksson
  • Boom operator: Elias Berndt
  • Drone: Intuitive Aerial
  • Production assistants: Markus Bengtsson, Simon Öster,
  • Rasmus Klingvall, Wincent Rüdeberg, Hilda Tholén, Eric Tholén

Pilot Cast

  • Christoffer Nordenrot
  • Sofia Zouagui
  • Jan Modin
  • Jesper Barkselius
  • Karin Bertling
  • Jonas Björnstjerna

The Picture Gallery

The Unthinkable - Behind The Scenes - 1

The Unthinkable - Behind The Scenes - 2

The Unthinkable - Behind The Scenes - 4

The Unthinkable - Behind The Scenes - 5

Pilot Teaser