Sammie The Comic Book Man


Sammie Cassell is more than just a comic book nerd…he’s a real-life, unlikely hero. Over the past few years, he’s developed a program of bringing comic books into elementary school classrooms and teaching youngsters about the wonderful world of comics. While opening children’s eyes to fun and action packed adventures of Thor and Iron Man and Superman, Sammie’s promoting literacy and stimulating young minds to expand their horizons by opening a book!

This documentary follows Sammie as he goes into the schools and not only teaches kids about reading comics, but shares the wealth and gives away issues from his own and donated collections.

The Basics

  • Genre – Documentary
  • Region – United States
  • Type – Short Film
  • Team – Details Below
  • Our Role – Contributor
  • Release Date – June 2016

The Picture Gallery

Sammie The Comic Book Man