Philistine – 16mm Short Film


Cinema projectionist Marcelle works for an independent, arthouse, and old-school cinema. Though, the theatre is forced to close and he’s made redundant; the digital age has no use for disciples of the past. Down on his luck, his fate is bettered after an encounter with a young woman, Anna. His optimism is short-lived, though, and he becomes the victim of a different kind…

The Basics

  • Genre – Life
  • Region – United Kingdom
  • Type – Short Film
  • Team – Details Below
  • Our Role – Contributor
  • Release Date – June 2016

The Team

  • Fergus Worrall – Director
  • Sophie Hurry – Producer
  • James Morris – Director of Photography
  • Ashley Bourne – Director of Photography Assistant
  • Matt Howell – Sound Design
  • Samuel Johnson – Sound Assistant

The Picture Gallery