Beyond The Beers – Men Having More Meaningful Conversations

Beyond The Beers is a place for men to actually do that – go beyond the surface and provide examples for other men to chat, listen, learn, laugh and grow.

What to Expect from an Episode?

Expect to learn about the guest, but also see a genuine conversation between two guys that breaks the normal mould – the kind of conversation so many of us could benefit from having ourselves.

Expect to learn, to laugh and to be inspired to take action in your own life.

Each episode will have a shorter, more snappy version as well as a longer ‘full’ episode for those who want to see the whole chat.

Each episode will also be turned into a full episode audio podcast for those that enjoy listening on the go.

Each guest has his own unique story and take on things, from more high profile TV stars and athletes, to other men in this space, to everyday blokes embracing vulnerability and having the meaningful conversation.

The Basics

  • Genre – Talk Show
  • Region – Australia
  • Type – Talk Show
  • The Host – Mike Campbell
  • Our Role – Contributor
  • Release Date – July 2016

The Picture Gallery

Beyond The Beers - Men Having More Meaningful Conversations