The idea behind Produced is bring to the fore thought provoking ideas in forms of episodes, films or even theatre. Over the years, the film industry has worked with the same trusted formula. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, families oppose, villain to defeat, songs and comedy to entertain and you have a hit movie at the box office.

However, for the past few years, we have seen drastic fall in success rates of these films. The audience has moved on and do not want to be treated to the same story every single time they go to the theatres. The availability of content from foreign markets has fuelled this feeling but even indigenous film makers have moved away from the trend, have experimented with different stories and earned the appreciation from the audience.

The Difference

We at Produced are constantly looking for such film makers, who dream to be different and offer something new. Our greatest asset is our understanding of the market and the back ground research we carry out while seeking out stories. The length of the story or the medium of its broadcast is not the deciding factor. The story might be short or long, continuous or in the form of short episodes, intended for a video hosting service like YouTube or even live theatre, Produced is interested as long as it is something new, something different.  If you have an intriguing story, get in touch with us and we will take care of the entire production.

People Behind Produced

Produced is a brand of the G2One Network, a media service company, based in New Delhi, India. Under the aegis of its founder, Karan Chopra, G2One Network engages in different verticals from advertising to publishing, consultancy to e-retail.  With Produced, G2One Network aims to carry forward its success from other businesses into its production industry too.

Why Now?

At Produced, we believe that everybody has a story to tell. Whether it is an individual, a group, a business or a lifeless thing, there is a story behind everything. All it needs is a medium to be told. Of all the means to tell a story, the audio-visual mode is the most effective and this is why Produced will back all films (short or long), web-isodes or TV shows and also live theatre, when there is a good story to tell.

Projects We Backed

#1 Short Films

Routine – Canadian-based Short Film – Drama – As An Executive Producer – December 2015 [Explore]

Edith – United Kingdom-based Short Film – Life Story – As A Contributor – March 2016 [Explore]

Gæst – Australia-based Short Film – Life Story – As A Contributor – February 2016 [Explore]

Ruined Eye – United States-based Short Film – Comedy – As A Contributor – March 2016 [Explore]

The Reunion – United Kingdom-based Short Film – Drama – As A Contributor – June 2016 [Explore]

Philistine – United Kingdom-based Short Film – Life- As A Contributor – June 2016 [Explore]

Don’t Look, I’m Dying – United States-based Short Film – Life Story – As A Contributor – July 2016 [Explore]

Single Parent Date Night – United States-based Short Film – Comedy – As A Contributor – October 2016 [Explore]

#2 Feature Films

The Incoherents – United States-based Feature Film – Drama/Comedy – As A Contributor – 2016 [Explore]

Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (aka The Unthinkable) – Sweden-based Feature Film – Thriller – As A Contributor – 2017 [Explore]

#3 Web Series /  DVD

Twig The Fairy – Short Fairy Tales – United States-based – Kids – As A Producer – December 2015 [Explore]

Roomiess Season 2 – United States-based Web Series – Comedy – As An Associate Producer – 2016 [Explore]

Beyond The Beers – Men Having More Meaningful Conversations – Australia-based Web Series – Talk Show – As A Contributor – July 2016 [Explore]

#4 Documentary

Sammie The Comic Book Man – United States-based Documentary – Documentary – As A Contributor – June 2016 [Explore]

The Final Words

So, if you have a story and need production support, contact us and we will give you the best professional support to make your project come true.